How to make delicious Palak Rice ?

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Palak Rice Recipe / Spinach Rice Recipe.

A top reason to know how to prepare palak rice is that this dish is tasty and healthy.

Palak or spinach is said to be full of medicinal values. So, add palak rice, also known as spinach rice, to your list of healthy recipes. Another reason to find out how to prepare palak rice is it is easy to make.

The palak rice recipe needs the common ingredients. A few exceptions are cinnamon,cloves and dhania powder. The steps, too, are few and simple.

For children, particularly to those who do not like palak dishes, palak rice or spinach rice, would be a good choice to make as it is tasty and nutritious and because palak will be in ground form.

Cucumber raita or onion and tomato gravy are some of the options as side dishes for this rice cuisine.