Kedia Rice is one of the prominent players in Rice Mill refining industry in Telangana, India. 

It is an agile player which aims to swiftly create its presence in Global Grains market by providing quality grades refined rice produced through its in-house state-of-the-art technology & professional expertise.

Rice milling is an essential step or process in post production. The main objective of a rice milling is to free the rice from impurities i.e remove the husk and the bran layers, and produce an edible rice.

Kedia Rice came into presence in 1978 by the founder member Shri Ramnivasji Kedia. Today the same is led by young generation of professional Directors Shri Pavan Kumar & Susheel Kumar.

Mission Statement :

Kedia Rice mission is to be the industry leader in the production and distribution of the premium and huge range of quality rice products. We take great strides in producing a superior quality rice variety because of our personal level of commitment. In all instances, we commit ourselves through the advancement of our quality and food safety programs by obtaining the latest, stringent certifications by accredited third parties and using the latest technology.

Vision Statement :

Kedia Rice will be a immensely visible company that is known for its commitment to integrity, honesty and quality rice products.

We will be the industry’s most desired producer and distributor of rice products that are nutritious, all natural and wholesome.

We will be the industry’s most desired employer, one that cares about its people, their families, their faith, our community and all the things that lead to the success we share together.

We will be a company who would constantly look to the future of the farmers and invest in their well being as well as their future and the future of their families. We will employ the most professional, loyal, dedicated and hard working people in the Industry.

They will be proud to say they work for Kedia Rice Mills and will be proud to have them as long-term members of its team.

Our Team :


The Quality guarantee professional’s job is indispensable to the success of any food processing plant.

By committing that food is not adulterated when it leaves our plant our customers can go to sleep at night secure in the knowledge that their product is safe. Yet it takes more than our Quality Assurance’s commitment to “do the job right” to ensure that every pallet of every product is free of food contamination.

Kedia Rice is the most recognized brand of premium Sortex Rice in the Telangana.

Quality was not something we had to learn. It was inherited and it was something that was started when the company was founded and has transferred from generation to generation. All our team mates know that we don’t have any alternative route or shortcuts and everything has to be absolutely quintessential before it leaves our facility.

It’s the kind of persistent, indefatigable and single minded devotion to quality by our team that has allowed Kedia Rice to become the most recognized brand of Premium Sortex Rice in Telangana, India.